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Thank you for joining us for AMAG SES 2021 Virtual! This guide will help you make the most of your participation during our virtual symposium, scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Please refer to the following information to have the best user experience in the event platform.



We suggest attending this event using the Google Chrome web browser. Other compatible browsers include Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer – it is NOT compatible with the conference platform.



While the event platform can be accessed from your tablet or mobile device, we highly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for an optimum experience. 



All AMAG SES 2021 participants access the conference platform using the credentials that were emailed to you directly from AMAG (marcie.carpenter@amag.com). The subject line of the message is Welcome to AMAG SES 2021 Virtual. You will access the platform using the email you used to register, along with the temporary password in that message. Upon accessing the platform, you will be prompted to change your password – after completing that step, you’ll be in the event platform! 

If you cannot locate this email, please contact rrosmarin@meetingexpectations.com for assistance.



The conference home page is easy to navigate. Using the navigation tiles on the homepage or the left-side navigation menu, you can hop from section to section to view the agenda, create your business card, check out the speakers and panel, and learn more about our Happy Hour & Trivia Game – and yes, there are cool prizes to be had!  



Showcase your knowledge and view “Tips ‘n Tricks” shared by other attendees in the Social Feed.



The Agenda will serve as your home base for all AMAG SES 2021 Virtual sessions. Browse the entire lineup to find sessions relevant to you.


Personal Schedules

We recommend adding all of the sessions to your personal schedule to make it easy to access them at the scheduled time.



Join sessions at their start time. There are two ways to join a session:

  1. From the main agenda, tap into the session details. Look for the button that says “Launch Virtual Session”

  2. From the homepage, tap “My Schedule.” All sessions will show along the right-hand side.



Simplify your networking at AMAG SES 2021 Virtual. Add information and your headshot to your personal profile to help you connect with likeminded professionals and partners:


YOUR PROFILE – From the top right of the screen, select Your Account >> Profile Settings 


From there, add information to your profile including basic information, your location, biography, social media, and a profile photo. 


Other attendees will be able to locate and network with you through the search located in Profiles (Attendee Networking)


BUSINESS CARDS – Quickly share information to connect with peers. Create your own business card from the homepage by selecting Business Card Exchange (or Business Cards from the left navigation). From this page, exchange business cards, view cards you’ve collected, and create multiple card variations to connect with an array of attendees.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 7.27.50 PM.png

Happy Hour

Trivia Game

Join us for Happy Hour Trivia! 

Please go to funteamevents.live on your cell phone or browser. Type this address into the address bar - not the search bar. Your VPN may prevent you from accessing the site, so you may need to disconnect.

Your host will provide the game code and assign team numbers once everyone arrives. Please wait until you’ve received your Team Number before entering your name.


How The Game Works
You should submit your own answer to every question - including the team questions. You are not penalized for wrong answers, so feel free to guess. You won’t be able to type in or select your answer until the host starts the timer.



For tech support for the conference platform during the event, navigate to the upper right of your screen and select Contact Support. From here, you can send in your question to receive assistance. 

If you have other questions, you may contact SES21 directly AMAGSES@meetingexpectations.com.